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Agentic Coding Catches On

Two new coding agents released today (20-June-2024), one from and one from Anthropic itself. Anthropic today released a new model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, which both writes code and its thought process as it solves coding problems. This is an agentic pattern for coding which we like and employed back in November 2023, see previous blogs. Real software developers think their way through the code, that thought process is key to writing good code and tracing how it was developed.

Both tools bring testing to the forefront, which is surely the future as we endeavour to align AI with our needs and demonstrate that AI solutions meet objective reliability criteria.

All business processes are akin to coding workflows interspersed with thought processes. It is the interaction between intuitive text which reaches for a plan, and hard logical coding which executes by a set of rules, which has so many generalised applications.

Its also worth noting that released a paper demonstrating their 'Mixture of Agents' model used co-operating agents to exceed the abilities of GPT4. This was done using their Axiomatic tool for managing agents. An incredible achievement to beat GPT4, good to see it was the agentic pattern which achieved it.

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