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Develop an AI Strategy

What can AI do for you?

What can't AI do?


We work with you to build an AI strategy for enhancing productivity by automating current tasks. We also advise on developing novel products for new markets.


Innovative Applications of AI 

  • Identify novel applications whilst respecting data privacy and practicalities of existing technology.

Build vs Buy

  • Build where it adds a differentiator to your service, buy where services have already become commoditised.

Why Us

  • 14 yrs board level experience over two companies with multi-million turnover

  • 9 yrs in AI and ML, an additional 5 yrs in statistical analytics and data

  • 2 yrs consulting on AI at enterprise level

We have the accumulated experience to advise businesses like yours.

The Process


Discovery & Alignment

  • How does your current technology and data align with AI opportunities?


  • How to think about AI in order to innovate rather than simply emulate competitors?


  • What business objectives is AI aligning to? In what situations is AI a distraction?

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