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About Us


The founder and Director of AI is Oliver Morris. Previously he was an AI/ML consultant for Capgemini Engineering, serving R&D organisations.


Prior to that, Director of Finance and Analytics for a £35m turnover machinery business in Shropshire and Director of Product Development for a £6m turnover consultancy based at Heathrow, serving cloud data and analytics to aircraft investors. 14yrs of board experience in total.

Oliver has worked with statistical learning systems since 1997 and modern machine learning technologies since 2015, acquiring 30 certifications in ML and AI over the past decade. He is a Microsoft certified programmer.

Our development services are extended by our partner in Singapore, who have specialists on hand, including dedicated data scientists, data specialists and AWS architects.​

Image by Orry Verducci
Library of Birmingham

Our Values

The company was founded to bring AI and Machine Learning to small and medium sized enterprises, the kind of businesses our founder knows well. Based in Shropshire, in the west midlands but have worked for companies across the UK. 


Our guiding principle is 'AI with Humans in Mind'. We are keenly aware that AI is adopted to empower teams when it augments people with new abilities and automates their repetitive tasks.


Our logo is an homage to the most influential foundational architecture for generative artificial intelligence systems, an encoder and decoder with a 'latent' space centred between them. This arrangement is found in services such as ChatGPT and DallE1

In business we observe the golden rule, to treat others as we would want to be treated:

  • Listen First

  • Build Trust

  • Think Laterally

  • Develop with Care

  • Deliver Productivity

  • Straightforward Support

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