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Liberate Time for Meaningful Work

Based in the Midlands, serving clients from Birmingham to the Marches and Manchester

& AI Agents

- Do more than chat with ChatGPT

- AI agents can work for you

- Either alone or in teams

- Automate tasks, build new services

Our Mission

AI automation that frees people to focus on meaningful connections.

Pioneering agentic AI that augments, not replaces, human potential.



Time Consuming Tasks

No up front charge,

pay by subscription


AI Agents

for Intelligent



Machine Learning

to Optimise Automations


AI Strategy

to Maximise Opportunities for your Business


Raise Productivity
Automate Tasks

Many tasks are straightforward yet time consuming, distracting staff from realising their full potential. Such tasks can often be automated using simple logic, no AI required.

If you are copy-pasting leads, orders, expenses, etc then ask us to automate the work.


If it can be done in our standard platform then we don't charge upfront for labour, only a service subscription

Young Farmer
Working With Headphones

Add Intelligence
Use AI Agents


"AI agents serve organisations better than chatbots" Wharton School of Business.


We develop AI as 'agents' to participate in the automation of tasks; extracting and summarising knowledge, making proposals, presenting or translating work in a digestible format, etc. Agents carry out tasks in the background and with access to data (if permitted) but do so in strict workflows, unlike chatbots.


Optimise Services 
Machine Learning

We develop Machine learning (ML) solutions allowing you to uncover insights or empower AI agents with ML tools, also known as 'AI machine learning'.


Predict trends, optimise processes, personalize experiences

Engineering Class




Team of Industrial Engineers



AI Strategy
Advance with AI+ML


What can generative AI and machine learning (ML) do for you?


We work with you to build an artificial intelligence and machine learning strategy for enhancing productivity and raise revenue in a safe manner


Why Choose Us?


  • Based nr Telford, Shropshire

  • Development partner in Singapore



  • 14yrs board level experience in analytics for multi million turnover businesses


  • Ex Capgemini Engineering, 9yrs in AI / ML

  • Data scientists qualified in engineering

Attention to Detail

  • Well versed in enterprise data strategy

  • Keenly aware of privacy + data security 

Offshore Prices

  • Offshore developers in Singapore

  • Prices designed for medium businesses

Why choose us?
AI Succeeds

AI Agents Suit Organisations Better Than Chatbots

"The real power of AI agents might be that they solve the organizational problem of how to integrate AI into existing workflows...

They act much more like people that can independently execute tasks"

Dr Ethan Mollick, Wharton School of Business, April 2024

Explore New Markets

"The AI field is headed towards self contained autonomous agents and it won't be a single agent, it will be many agents working together" 

Andrej Karpathy, Co Founder OpenAI

The most exciting impact of AI agents is the way they will democratize services that today are too expensive for most people"​


Bill Gates, November 2023

Explore New Markets
AI agents join the business team

Why Build
'Agents' from AI?

‘Agency’ is the ability to carry out tasks on our behalf. AI needs agency in order to deliver productivity gains to business. 


You may be familiar with ChatGPT, which has no agency, or Microsoft CoPilot which can make recommendations in context. Whereas, true AI agents use language models, like GPT4 or Claude3, to fully automate tasks, such as market research or customer support.


Such agents commonly co-operate in teams, much as people do. We set them an objective which is broken down into a sequence of smaller tasks, each carried out by a AI agent with a specific skill set.

Arranging AI into agents is called 'Agentic AI', hence our company name.

Teams of AI
& People

Arranging generative AI into teams of agents makes it understandable to people. The sequence of tasks is the same as for people, the AI's activities are logged for audit, it's proposals are subject to approval by a manager.


For example, we created the first team of AI agents to plan, write and test code in a notebook for data science. One agent writes and tests code, the other critiques progress against plans and standards.


The pair's discussion and code are recorded automatically. Their resulting solution is only implemented following approval by a person. This style of arrangement is now at the heart of Microsoft's Autodev code writer.


How do We Grant 'Agency' to AI?

AI developers create an agent by combining a service like ChatGPT with...

1. Access to an Environment

Agents integrate with ERP, CRM etc

​2. Controlled Use of Data

The agent will need the data to do its job, but not more.


3. Tools to Wield

AI Agents granted ability to search + analyse data, possibly using tools you already have in the business

AI becomes an agent when it can...

4. Engage with Users via Natural Language

Productivity increases as users engage naturally

Customers share more information with chatbots

5. Reason & Self Reflect

AI Agents critique own efforts, learning over time

6. Offer Security & Privacy

The right to approve AI agent's work before using it, prevent access to sensitive data, control flows of data, keep data secure at rest and in transit

Governance and Privacy

AI Agents In Systems
& Governance

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